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Giving your child a foundation that will last a lifetime

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The success of Educating Children For Christ Christian School is seen every day in the students in our classrooms, in their joyful smiles, and in their academic achievements. That success has been attained through the generosity of individuals like yourself who have faithfully committed to support us. If you are a first-time web visitor, we extend a warm welcome and are grateful for your interest in ECFC.

Your gifts to the ECFC help ensure that the necessary resources are available as we seek to nurture, train, and grow young people for the glory of God. The Board of Directors, administration, staff, and students deeply appreciate the many ways in which our donors contribute to the daily life and bright future of our school.


The outstanding reputation that constitutes ECFC would not be possible without the loyal support of our school parents, grandparents, church friends, and local businesses. If you have questions, call us. Thank you!

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