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Equipping Students With the Values and Education to Make 

a Godly Impact in the World

What We Offer

At Educating Children For Christ Christian School, we provide a Christ-centered education that aims to produce intelligent, well-rounded,
and good Christian students.

We offer the following grade levels:

Pre K-3, Pre K-4


First Grade, 

 Second Grade

and Up.

If you are a parent who wishes to learn more about grades higher than Third grade, please request the information from us.

A note from the founder of "ABeka Book" 

(Curriculum used in our school) 

 For Quality Christian Education

“Dear Parent,

As academic excellence diminished from secular textbooks, we saw the need to publish quality textbooks written from a Christian perspective. A Beka Book was started to meet that need.

For many years, Pensacola Christian Academy has had amazing success using A Beka Book. PCA recently celebrated its 50th year and now enrolls over 2,000 in K4 – Grade 12.

Your child can now have the best Christian education by using A Beka Book textbooks. Your schools qualified staff can lead the way to great results

Sincerely yours,”

- Arlin Horton, Founder/President

About ABeka Book

What Is ABeka Book?

ABeka Book is the “premier” Christian textbook publisher. It has been serving Christian schools for more than 30 years and has more than 1,000
educational products.

Who Uses ABeka Book?

More than 750,000 students in Christian schools use ABeka Book..

What Books Do You Have?

ABeka Book is used by Christian schools with a teacher-directed classroom approach for instructing students.

What Will ABeka Book Do for My Child?

ABeka Book’s systemic phonics program teaches students to read at an early age. Students also receive strong character-building reading selections. Grammar and creative writing give the students consistent daily practice reviews. Spelling, vocabulary, and poetry help students improve their ability to read, write, think, and speak. Penmanship is taught step by step consistently throughout the program.

ABeka Book’s arithmetic program uses a traditional spiral review approach to help students develop thinking skills for daily living. The science and health program teaches the students about creation and the Creator–refuting the man-made ideas of evolution.

The history and geography program is developed from a Christian perspective with patriotic, character-building content. Fine arts electives in art, music, and speech are also available.

What Are the Advantages of the ABeka Book Program?

Your child will receive a truly Christian education, one that is based on the truth of God’s Word. You can rest assured that your child will not be exposed to humanistic secular philosophies. Your child will receive a first-class academic education. Students in schools using this curriculum attain superior
academic achievement.

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